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Massage vs Sciatica

Client B came to me with a severe, sharp lower back pain. He had been dealing with it for quite some time before it became unbearable. It was affecting his walking pattern, along with his ability to do yard work. After his assessment I found tightness around his lower back, hips and buttocks. He was suffering from sciatica. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve is being pinched. We agreed on a treatment plan of four 90-minute full body sessions in four consecutive weeks. Client B saw huge improvement with his pain after the first session, and by the fourth session he was sciatica pain free! We also accomplished some other areas of his body that needed attention during his sessions and he’s continued on a monthly maintenance since.   – Sarah Brackett LMT

As many as 40% of Americans suffer with Sciatica, or Sciatic Nerve Pain. The pain follows the route of the Sciatic nerve, from the sacrum down through the buttocks and down the leg. Clients experiencing Sciatic nerve issues often complain of pain running down the back of their leg(s), a sharp, stabbing pain in the lower back and hip area, and some clients present with numbness and tingling in the leg(s) or foot/feet. 

Sciatica can be very painful, especially in the acute stage. Which is up to 72 hours after the first initial onset. Anyone who has experienced this knows what a pain in the butt it really is! Using ice around the low back and hip area can relieve some of the discomfort. Typically when the nerve is painful it has become inflamed. While applying heat may feel nice, it could be doing more damage than good. It’s best to stick with ice for the first few days. Another good top to relieve sciatic nerve pain is stretching! Allowing the muscles of the hips, low back, pelvis, and legs move more freely may correct the issue.

Sitting, standing, and laying incorrectly for extended periods of time will cause a sciatica flare up. Sometimes there is a spinal disc issues which may need to be addressed by your doctor. Imaging can be done to see how severe the pinch (if there is one) is and if any treatment is necessary. One treatment option is massage therapy.

Massage therapy can ease and relieve sciatic pain. Finding the right therapist for the job is important. Having the right knowledge and skill set is so important to receiving the right massage for you and what you have going on. Both of the massage therapists at A Quiet Zone are well educated on sciatica and would be willing to help you get some relief.


Sarah Brackett LMT


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