More Than Pretty Nails; Healthy Nails!


Maintain beautiful, healthy hands, feet, and nails.

Regular nail care provides many great benefits! If you think of manicures and pedicures as just a luxury or for special occasions think again. Maintaining a good nail care routine is very important to keeping healthy, great looking nails.

Increases Blood Flow.

The stimulation from the implements used and the massage during your mani/pedi will help increase the blood flow in your arms, hands, legs and feet! Increasing blood flow will help oxygen rich blood to flow to your extremities, which carries nutrients to all organs, including the skin. Especially as the body ages, circulation can become hindered which can cause stiff achy joints and uneven skin pigmentation.

Improve the Health of Your Nails.

Our hands come in contact with lots of different germs daily. There is no way to prevent that, but keeping them clean helps prevent different fungus and bacteria from growing. Washing your hands is the best way to help keep germ spreading to a minimum but getting a manicure is great for an extra deep clean. Our nail technician uses clean, sterile implements to ensure a sterile, wonderful experience.

Our feet need cleansed regularly, as well! Being in socks and shoes daily is the perfect breeding ground for fungus. Make sure you wash your feet daily in the shower, as well as letting them air out. Don’t wear wet shoes for long periods of time if you can help it. If your shoes or feet are starting to smell wash your shoes! Most can be washed in the washing machine. (Most tennis shoes, that is.) A pedicure is a perfect way to get that extra deep clean without having to bend down to do it!

Kick Your Feet Up!

Who doesn’t need a minute or two to just relax and de-stress from the day to day routine? At A Quiet Zone our nail technician takes her time and tries to make every clients session a relaxing experience. Enjoy a private room, with a non-jetted foot tub (to help ensure a bacteria-free foot soak), rest for ten minutes, then enjoy the rest of your pedicure with good music, watch the birds on our bird feeder outside of the window, and a tasty treat! Most manicures and pedicures last about an hour. An hour just for you. You deserve it, and your feet and hands will thank you!

Keep Your Hands and Feet Soft.

The overall look and feel of your skin is important, too! Having healthy, soft, younger looking hands and feet are just added benefits of regular nail care. No one wants dry, cracked skin. Prevent that by maintaining a good nail care routine.


Our nail technician, Connie, has been servicing the Hot Springs Village area for over 15 years! She’s incredible at what she does and loves making each appointment an experience for her clients. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with her!



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